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Dear valued customer,     

welcome to the Web Page of CB Elektronics.

CB Elektronics is manufactoring RC avionic products for modern 2.4Ghz RC Systems. We have compatible telemetry products for Futaba Sbus2, Graupner/SJ HoTT, Open-TX (FrSky + Radiomaster), Multiplex MSB Bus, Jeti EX, ACT MSB Bus and PowerBox Systems CORE. Fully tested! Made in Germany!

Our IAS speed sensors are best in class, easy to install and opperate. Knowing your indicated airspeed will give you additional safety for your RC modell. We build IAS airspeed sensors since 2011. A new breakthrough is our PMSB-330 adaptive IAS sensor supporting the PowerBox iGyro products.

We write the year 2020 and the final frontier for RC IAS speed sensors has fallen. CB Elektronics introduced the first fully integrated 24Bit IAS speed sensor. This sensor technique is so advanced in terms of low noise and resolution that it outperform any competitor in the market.

We were the pioneer with the idea of a Turbine ECU data converter to RC telemetry. Our first ECU data converter the EMPC V1 was introduced to market in the year 2012. Our ECU data converters are are 100% tested before shipping to the customer. We have invented the galavanic separation for ECU telemetry data transfer, so maximum security for you and your RC modell.

You can have these secure galvanic separation also with non galavanic separated ECU like Kingtech G2 and XICOY V10. Please take a look at our new NG (Next Generation) ECU data converters.

We have ECU data converters compatible to EvoJet, Kingtech, JetCat, Kolibri and IQ Hammer, Behotec, BF, Frank turbines using Hortnet-3 ECU.

We deliver our products to APAC, EMEA, US and the Americas, with other words world wide.

Our customers are advanced RC pilots, dealers, international institutions and universities.

Please be informed that this is a technical website not a webshop. For pricing and a quote please sent us a E-Mail to the follwing adress or use our contact form. We will responde to you shortly.

If you have further question don`t hesitate to contact us.

E-Mail:                cb-elektronics(at)t-online.de

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