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CB P2B DIAS-440 digital 24Bit IAS Speed Sensor

CB P2B DIAS-440 Speed Sensor compatible with all CORE PowerBox Systems telemetry products

Firmware Version 1.0

We write the year 2020 and the final frontier for RC IAS speed sensors has fallen. CB Elektronics introduced the first fully integrated 24Bit IAS speed sensor. This sensor technique is so advanced in terms of low noise and resolution that it outperform any competitor in the market.

Use and Features:

  • Easy initial operation ( assemble pitostatic tube, plug in, switch on and read IAS meas result) No PC is necessary! Plug and Play!
  • Unique "One-tube- system" for easy installation. If you prefer you can build your own scale pitot tube.
  • Measurement range from 12- 440Km/h
  • CB P2B DIAS-440 speed sensor design based on our thousand times proofen range of IAS speed sensor family
  • New 24Bit digital pressure sensor, low sensor noise
  • Speed display in kmh (kilometer/hour), mph (miles/hour), m/s (meters/second) or kts (knots)
  • Top-Speed display via the CORE TX telemetry display
  • Supports ultra short CORE voice announcement, selectable via the P2B DIAS CORE TX sensor setup menu
  • Supported ICAO pressure speed curve
  • Simulation mode
  • Compatible with all CORE telemetry receiver (P2B)
  • 40Mhz RISC CPU (fast converting of test results)
  • Automatic nullification (sensor calibration)
  • Small, light, also fits into small models
  • German and English manual is available
  • Dynamic and static pressure interpretation for speed measurement ( comparison to real airplanes)

CB P2B DIAS-440 Speed Sensor Specification
Input voltage range: 4,6-10Volt
IAS speed meas range: 12-440Km/h
Speed calculation error: +- 4Km/h
Meas-System: Static and dynamic
Optical signalisation: Yes CORE Bus activity
Connection: At the P2B CORE receiver connector
PowerBox CORE P2Bus: Yes supported

Dimensions: B x L x T in mm 36 x 46 x 13,5
Weight: P2B DIAS-440 Sensor without Pitot and tubbing 18gr.

Delivery: Pitot, Silicone tubbing aprox. 50cm and sensor electroncis (complete kit)

*All Trademarks in relation to CORE based products belong to PowerBox Systems GmbH.

Copyright CB-Elektronics 2022
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