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Ground-Support-Unit compatible with the classic Kolibri ECU/FADEC

Our K-GSU is a replacement for the original Kolibri GSU
Connection is done with a supplied cable direkt to the Kolibri ECU/FADEC

  • LCD Display and button in excellent industry quality
  • Solid housing
  • 3 years warranty
  • "Plug and Play"

Technical Data:
2x16 ASCI values LCD Display
4 button for the navigation inside the ECU/FADEC menues
Power is supplied via the ECU (5Volts)

Please note!!
The K-GSU will only work with the classic Kolibri ECU/FADEC (please see picture below)!!!

Supplied material list:
K-GSU Ground-Support-Unit with connection to the Kolibri ECU/FADEC

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