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Galvanic Seperation Unit KGS-1 compatible with all Kolibri FADEC and XICOY ECUĀ“s


  • Galvanic RC receiver seperation from Kolibri/XICOY Turbine ECU/FADEC curcuit
  • 5000V ESD protection for your RC receiver system
  • 2 independent Servo PWM channels
  • Servo-Impulsbooster
  • Stabilzed 5V support Voltage for Kolibri/XICOY FADEC
  • High Voltage Input up to 9V (2S Lipo Cell opperation)

Without the KGS-1 the Kolibri FADEC XICOX ECU has no galvanic seperation from the RC receiver system.
This means RC and FADEC conductor side are tight together. In case of an ESD (Elektro-Static-Discharge) of the Turbine side, there is a high risk
in order to damage the RC receiver. The KGS-1 overcomes this problem with a galvanic seperation of the FADEC supply voltage and
the isolation of the RC PWM Servo throttle channel.

KGS-1 spezifications:

Input Voltage from the receiver side: max. 9Volts
Current supply for FADEC: max. 200mA
Galvanische seperation ECU/ RC receiver: Yes up to 5000V ESD
Supported Kolibri Turbine XICOY FADEC`s: All
Optical signalisation: Yes I/O Primary- and secondary voltage
Dimensions W x L x D in mm: 46 x 60 x 10
Weight: 15gr.

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