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„P2B 3g Force“ acceleration sensor +/-16g

Acceleration sensor with +/-16g range on all 3 axis, PowerBox Systems CORE telemetry compatible.

Use and features:

  • Simple to use and opperate, ready to run! Plug and Play!
  • RC aircraft use for dynamic flight structure tests.
  • Vibration analyze and optimisation of your RC model piston engine.
  • High-Fast Sample-Rate (<40ms)
  • G-rate range +/- 16g on all axis X,Y and Z
  • Alarm  threshold can be set inside the CORE Sender
  • Digtal G-rate Sensor for maximum meas value precision
  • 40Mhz RISC CPU (fast realtime operation)
  • Calibrated sensor
  • Smal light weight, will fit also in smal aircrafts
  • English and german manual (print)
  • PowerBox Systems CORE telemetry compatible

P2B 3g Force sensor specification:

Input voltage max.: 4,6-10Volt
Meas value range: +/-16g on all 3 axis
Meas error: +/-0,1g
Sensor: Polysilicon Micromachined
Optical signalisation: CORE Bus Transmit
CORE Sensor Bus: Yes supported

Dimension: W x L x D in mm 31 x 41 x 20
Weight: P2B 3g Force with cable 18gr.

Scope of delivery: Sensor electronic complete kit wit manual.

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