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Turbine data protocol converter P2B-Kingtech Nano (extreme small)

P2B-Kingtech Nano converter/sensor compatible with the CORE Telemetry from PowerBox Systems

Firmware Version 1.0

"Best in Class Turbine Dataconverter/Sensor"

Tailor made individual solution for all Kingtech turbines. It comes in a complete kit.

Use and Features:

Easy implementing, no PC is necessary! Plug and Play! Compatible with the newest G2, G3 and G4 Kingtech ECU featuring the fast CORE telemetry bus.

Each of the following turbines are supported with a individual template. Selectable at the CORE TX setup menu.

K-30G, K-45G, K60G, K-70G, K-80G, K-85G2, K-100G, K-120G, K-140G, K-160G, K-180G, K-210G, K-260G, K-320G    


This makes the installation very easy, just select your turbine, all parameter are perfectly set then.
No complicated adjustment of a fuel factor.

The following ECU measured values are transmitted to the CORE radio control:

1. Turbine rotational speed (RPM)
2. EGT exhaust temperature (°C or F°)
3. Pump Pulse value with „Armed Alarm“ (fast Flame-Out Warning)
4. Thrust in Newton (N or lbf), matched to the type of turbine (see above)
5. Tank content fuel amount (mL or lq oz) alarm can be set within the CORE RC TX
6. Kerosene / fuel flow rate (mL/min. or oz/min.)
7. Control stick gas default in %
8. ECU turbine accumulator operating voltage (ECU battery voltage)
9. Turbine status text indication
10. Turbine type and stick situation shown in text
11. IAS Airspeed with optional IAS Sensor Kit (kmh or mph display)
12. ECU Battery current consumption with optional current sensor kit (Amp., mAh, W and Wh display)

The most important EDT data are directly visible in your CORE radio control.

Taxi tank function at your finger tip control!

Imperial units like °F, lbf, fl.oz., oz/min. and mph are selectable via the CORE TX

The operator can further use the Kingtech G2 EDT GSU terminal side by side together with our converter.  Plug and Play with the CORE system

Support of up to 4 Turbines in one CORE telemetry installation (Turbine #1-4). Please ask for our multi-engine packages.

Future-proof!!! A supplementary software upgrade is possible (new features)
40Mhz RISC CPU (fast processing of the measure values) Nano Watt Technology
Small, light, also fits also in smaller models. 28mm x 20mm without JR connectors
Detailed english printed manual
Made in Germany

Scope of delivery: P2B-Kingtech Nano Converter with all connection cables for the P2B Kingtech data converter, ECU and the CORE receiver.

IAS Airspeed and Current sensor kit´s are available too. They can be added also at a later purchase.

For quote please be so kind and use our contact form.

If you have further questions don`t hesitate to contact us.

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