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Current Sensor for the CORE P2B Kingtech ECU converter

This optional current sensor can be connected between the Kingtech turbine ECU battery and the ECU itself.

The follwing additional meas values can be displayed at your CORE transmitter:

  • Acutal current flow in Amps
  • Capacity in mAh
  • Power in W (Watt)
  • Consumed power in Wh

This current sensor will be connected to the AUX port of your P2B Kingtech NG or Nano data converter. You are now in control of the consumed charge of your ECU battery. The current consumption is stored in P2B ECU data converter. This means the consumed charged is accumulated from flight to flight. Accumulated charge can be reset under your control.

The sensor will be supplied with Deans connectors for direct connection to the Kingtech G2 ECU and the ECU battery.

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