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„SRXL-2-Sbus" data converter

The SRXL-2-Sbus data converter converts Multiplex SRXL servo data to Futaba Sbus.
Now you can build your CORE/Multiplex teacher/student system (buddy-box)

Use and features:

  • Easy to install! Plug and Play!
  • Conversion of 16 SRXL servo channels to 16 Sbus servo channels. Please not that note all Multiplex receiver provide the output for all 16 channels
  • Complete digital conversion, no analog PWM interim stage
  • Digital down scaler from 12Bit SRXL to 11Bit Futaba Sbus servo data
  • Only two cable to install
  • German and English manual, YouTube tutorial

Delivery: Data converter with wireing for MPX receiver and CORE TX
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