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CB P2B IAS-460 IAS Speed Sensor

CB P2B IAS-460 Speed Sensor compatible with all CORE PowerBox Systems telemetry products

Firmware Version 1.3

Use and Features:

  • Easy initial operation ( assemble pitostatic tube, plug in, switch on and read IAS meas result) No PC is necessary! Plug and Play!
  • Unique "One-tube- system" for easy installation. If you prefer you can build your own scale pitot tube.
  • Measurement range from 24- 460Km/h
  • CB P2B IAS-460 speed sensor design base on our thousand times proofen range of IAS speed sensor family
  • Speed display in kmh (kilometer/hour), mph (miles/hour) or kts (knots)
  • Top-Speed display
  • Supports ultra short CORE voice announcement, selectable via the CORE TX sensor setup menu
  • Support ICAO and modified ICAO pressure speed curve, selectable via the CORE TX sensor setup menu
  • Compatible with all CORE telemetry receiver (P2B)
  • Full support of CORE sensor priority
  • 40Mhz RISC CPU (fast converting of test results)
  • Automatic nullification (sensor calibration)
  • Small, light, also fits into small models
  • German and English manual is available
  • Dynamic and static pressure interpretation for speed measurement ( comparison to real airplanes)

CB P2B IAS-460 Speed Sensor Specification
Input voltage range: 4,6-10Volt
IAS speed meas range: 24-460Km/h
Speed calculation error: +- 5Km/h
Meas-System: Static and dynamic
Optical signalisation: Yes CORE Bus activity
Connection: At the P2B CORE receiver connector
PowerBox CORE P2Bus: Yes supported

Dimensions: B x L x T in mm 31 x 41 x 20
Weight: PMSB Sensor plus Pitot and tubbing 18gr.

Delivery: Pitot, Silicone tubbing aprox. 50cm and sensor electroncis (complete kit)

*All Trademarks in relation to CORE based products belong to PowerBox Systems GmbH.

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