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MSB-460 IAS Speed Sensor

A speed indicator for all Multiplex M-Link receiver with telemetry feedback signal to Royal Pro- and Cockpit SX M-Link transmitter!

Firmware Version Jet 1.0

Use and Features:

Easy initial operation ( assemble pitostatic tube, jig MSB address, plug, switch on and read test result) No PC is necessary! Plug and Play!
One-tube- system for easy installation
Measurement range from 30- 460Km/h equals 18-286mph
Dynamic  pressure measurement ( comparison to real airplanes)
Ready for HPA (High Performance Aircrafts) like BVM Ultra Bandit
20Mhz RISC CPU (fast converting of test results)
Automatic nullification (sensor calibration)
Small, light, also fits into small models
German and English manual is available
Dynamic and static pressure interpretation for speed measurement
Supports Multiplex Sensor Bus (MSB) with feedback signal of current speed and Top-speed in Km/h to Royal EVO M-Link or Cockpit M-Link transmitter

MSB-460 IAS Speed Sensor specifications:

Input voltage range: 4,6-10Volt
Measurement range: 30- 460Km/h eq. 18-286mph
Error of measurement: +- 5Km/h eq. 3mph
Measurement procedure: back pressure, static and dynamic
Top Speed value gets saved: Yes
Optical signalization: MSB Bus transmit
Multiplex Sensor Bus MSB: Yes fully supported
Measurement: W x L x D in mm 31 x 41 x 20
Weight: MSB-460 Sensor without Pitot and tube 18gr.

Scope of delivery: Pitostatic tube, silicon tube about 50 cm and Sensor Electronic

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