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ECU Protocol Data Converter Pro-JJXC-EXbus + IAS Speed Sensor

A data protocol converter for Jeti EXbus telemetry, compatible for all turbines with ProJet Hornet-3 ECU

Firmware Version 1.0

Use and Features:

Easy implementing, no PC is necessary! Plug and Play! Compatible with ProJet Hornet-3 ECU and the fast Jeti EXbus telemetry (125Kbaud)
Best in class ECU turbine converter.

„Customized” individual support (thrust indication and flow rate/min.) for the following turbines
BF Turbines: BF100 and BF300
Hammer Turbines: IQ90+, IQ130+, IQ140+, IQ170+, IQ180+, IQ190SS, IQ200+ u. IQ220+
Frank Turbine: FT160, FT180Raptor, FT220 and FT250 we are supporting Frank Turbines with brushless pumps too
Behotec: JB130, JB165, and JB220

The following ECU measured values are transmitted to the Jeti DS or DC radio control:
1. Turbine rotational speed (RPM)
2. EGT exhaust temperature (°C)
3. Pump voltage with „Armed Alarm“ (fast Flame-Out Warning)
4. Thrust in Newton (N), matched to the type of turbine (see above)
5. Tank content fuel amount (mL) alarm can be set within the Jeti RC TX
6. Kerosene / fuel flow rate (mL/min.), matched to the type of turbine (see above)
7. Control stick gas default in %
8. ECU turbine accumulator operating voltage
9. Turbine status indication, customized for Projet ECU Hornet-3 (numerical for LUA programming and classical with text for the JetiBox)
10. IAS speed only with CB-IAS+ sensor

The most important EDT data are directly visible in your radio control.
No adjustment for the operation of the ECU parameters. The operator can further use the EDT GSU terminal and the I/O board. No terminal emulation occurs, therefore no reconnecting between data converter and EDT is necessary.

Future-proof!!! A supplementary software upgrade is possible (new features)
40Mhz RISC CPU (fast processing of the measure values) Nano Watt Technology
Galvanic separation of radio control to ECU electric circuit
Small, light, also fits also in smaller models
Detailed english manual
Made in Germany

The following Jeti radio controls with sensor data are supported by the Pro-JJXC-EXbus ECU Protocol Converter:
Radio Control DS-16 & 24
Radio Control DC-16 & 24
Radio Control DC-14

Note: Jeti  receiver must able to provide the fast Jeti EXbus serial protocol. Please use always the latest firmware with your Jeti receiver.

Scope of delivery: Pro-JJXC-EXbus Protocol Converter with special connection cable to the ECU. ECU I/O Splitter with cable for parallel operation of EDT GSU (Ground Support Unit) and Pro-JJXC-EXbus. CB IAS Plus sensor for speed display and indication.

This Open-Source Software LUA APP´s runs only in combination with our Pro-JJXC-EXbus + IAS data converter
You can use this LUA APP free of charge for your own purpose. (see License).

This software is based on Source-Code from Jeti Model SRO, Bernd Woköck Alias Sepp62, Jim Brown und Dirk Bubley.

Copyright CB-Elektronics 2022
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