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ECU MSB-Bus Protocol Converter (EMPC V2)

A Data Protocol-Converter for all Multiplex M-Link and ACT Receivers with telemetry feedback.
Compatible to the JetCat Engine-Control-Unit (ECU) from Version 5.x, 6.x, 10.x. and 12.x.

Firmeware Version 2.1

Use and Features:

Easy implementation, no PC is necessary! Plug and Play!
Compatible to JetCat ECUs from Version 6.0 and above
The following ECU measured values are transmitted to the receiver:

  • Turbine Status text message (only with Profi TX or MPX T-Display)
  • EGT Exhaust temperature (°C)
  • Turbine RPM (Rotations/min.)
  • ECU Accumulator voltage (Volt) with adjustable low voltage warning
  • Pump voltage with adjustable low voltage warning (Flame-Out Warning)
  • Kerosene/fuel flow rate (ml)
  • Fuel content, fuel amount (ml), adjustable fuel alarm (Reserve)
  • Turbine Turn Off Status „Off Condition“(only with Profi TX or MPX T-Display)
  • Minimum Pump Voltage
  • Maximum Pump Voltage (Monitoring of the fuel supply)
  • Fast-Statup-Boot supporting the new MPX CORE transmitter

The most important GSU DATA are directly visible at the receiver. Galvanic Separation of ECU electric circuit to receiver electric circuit
(This prevents electric faults caused by the turbine or turbine electric circuit)
Future-proof!! Software Upgrade is possible supplementary (New Features)
20Mhz RISC CPU (Fast processing of the measured values) Nano Watt Technology
Small, light, also fits in small airplanes
English Manual
Made in Germany

Supports the Multiplex Sensor Bus (MSB) with feedback of the current ECU measured values to Royal EVO, Profi TX or Cockpit M-Link Receivers.The MPX telemetry display (part number 45182) is supported as well.

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