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„MSB-2-P2B" data converter

The MSB-2-P2B is a data converter/translater for Multiplex MSB to PowerBox Systems CORE telemetry

Use and Features:

  • Easy to opperate! Plug and Play!
  • Now you can use all of your existing Multiplex MSB sensors at the CORE PBR receiver telemetry port
  • Automatic scan for MSB sensors
  • You can run CORE telemetry sensors in paralell with Multiplex MSB sensors
  • support of MSB sensor adress 1-14
  • RESET MSB function/feature, you can reset MSB sensors from your CORE transmitter. For example mAh counter and so on.
  • Alarm values can be set inside the CORE TX
  • 40Mhz RISC CPU (fast aquisition)
  • Smal and light weight
  • IAS speed measurement kit available as a option

The following MSB sensor classes will be supported


The following sensors are qualified and compatible:

  • Multiplex current sensor 35A Best. Nr. #8 5403
  • Multiplex True Airspeed Sensor Best. Nr. #8 5418
  • G-Sensor Best. Nr. #8 5409
  • Volt Sensor Best. Nr. #8 5400
  • MSB-170
  • MSB-330 V2
  • MSB-460
  • MSB-3G Force
  • Multiplex ROXXY Smart Control 100 MSB Artikel-Nr.: 318580
  • Multiplex ROXXY Smart Control 45 MSB Artikel-Nr.: 318578
  • Multiplex Flight-Recorder as "Slave" Best. Nr. 85420
  • AltisV4

*If you Multiplex sensor is not on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us!*

MSB-2-P2B specification:

Input Voltage max.: 4,6-8,5Volt
Support of MSB sensor adress No. 1-14
Optical signalisation: CORE Bus Transmit
CORE Sensor Bus: Yes supported

Dimension: W x L x D in mm 21 x 46 x 18
Weight: 6,0Gramm

Delivery: Data converter with cable and manual

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