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NH-5 Serial Bus Expander Power Hub for Graupner HoTT

The NH-5 Serial Bus Expander is compatible to Graupner HoTT receiver with Sbus data connection. The NH-5 decodes the serial Sbus signals and provides those as regular PWM signal for until further 5 servos. Simultaneously the NH-5 serves a high-voltage, high-current Power Hub (Power distributor).

Firmware Version 1.0

  • Use and Features:

  • Easy implementing, Plug and Play!
  • Compatible to all Graupner HoTT receiver with Sbus output. (New receiver software)
  • Future-proof!!! An additional Software Upgrade is possible afterwards (New Features)
  • 16BIT, 80Mhz RISC CPU (fast converting of Servo data) NanoWatt-Technology
  • Super „Low-Latency“, Real-time-output of the servo-values
  • 15ms Framerate (Servo Update Rate)
  • 11Bit Servo-resolution (Futaba Specification)
  • IPB Impulse Booster, integrated Servo impulse-amplifier for all 5 outputs
  • Servos are supplied with high current (High Power / High Current Hub)
  • Enhancement for all HoTT receivers, adding 5 additional PWM Servo-channels
  • Sbus, Loop Port
  • Small, light, also fits in smaller models
  • German and English Manual
  • Made in Germany

NH-5 Serial Expander / Power Hub

Input voltage: 4.2 - 9,0Volt
Resolution: 11Bit / 2048 Steps
Permitted Servo current per servo output: Max. 3A
Save of Setup Templates/Servo Out: Yes intern EE-Prom
Framerate: 15ms
Startup-time: 1sec.
Optical signalization: Bus Transmission Yes
Sbus und Sbus2 compatible: Yes fully compatible
Measurements: W x L x D in mm over all 37 x 54 x 11
Weight: 15gr.

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