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ECU MSB-Bus Protocol Converter (EMPC V1)

A data protocol converter for all Multiplex M-Link and ACT receiver with telemetry feedback. Compatible for JetCat Engine-Control-Unit (ECU) from Version 5.x, 6.x, 10.x. and 12.x.

Firmware Version 1.0

Use and Features:

  • Easy implementation, no PC is necessary! Plug and Play!
  • Compatible to JetCat Engine-Control (ECU) from Version 6.0*
  • Following ECU measured values are transmitted to the radio control:
  • ECU battery voltage (Volt) with adjustable low voltage warning
  • EGT exhaust temperature (°C)
  • Rotation speed oft the turbine (rpm)
  • Tank fuel quantity (ml), adjustable fuel warning (back-up)
  • Fuel flow rate (ml)
  • The most important GSU data are directly visible in the radio control
  • Galvanic separation of ECU and receiver electric circuit (This avoids electric failures caused by the turbine or the turbine electric circuit)
  • Future-proof!! Software Upgrade is possible later (New features)
  • 20Mhz RISC CPU (fast processing of the measured values ) Nano Watt Technology
  • Small, light, fits into small models
  • English Manual
  • Made in Germany
  • Supports the Multiplex Sensor Bus (MSB) with feedback of the current measured values to the Royal EVO or Cockpit M-Link radio control

MSB Speed Sensor Specifications

Input voltage of the ECU: 5.0Volt
Measured values: ECU-Voltage, EGT, RPM, Tankvolume and flow rate
Warning values: ECU-Voltage and fuel back-up
Save of setup and warning: Yes permanent in EEPROM
Galvanic seperation of ECU/ RC: Yesfully isolated
Startup-Time: 7sec.
Optical signalisation: MSB Bus Transmit
Multiplex Sensor Bus MSB: Yes fully supported
Measurements W x L x D in mm: 46 x 60 x 10
Gewicht ohne Kabel: 35gr.

Scope of delivery: FEPC Protocol Converter with connection cable to ECU (RJ-11).

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