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PMSB-330 adaptive IAS Speed Sensor

The PMSB is a adaptive IAS Speed sensor compatible with all PowerBox Systems iGyro products

Firmware Version 1.0

Use and Features:

  • Easy initial operation ( assemble pitostatic tube, jig MSB address, plug, switch on and read test result) No PC is necessary! Plug and Play!
  • Adaptive Gyro Gain correction in relation to the IAS flight speed.
  • You can fly maximum Gyro Gain at all different speeds
  • One-tube- system for easy installation
  • Measurement range from 30- 330Km/h
  • PowerBox GPS-2 and PMSB-330 can run in parallel (V-Cable necessary). Pls refer to our technical note GPS-2/PMSB-330.
  • Dynamic  pressure measurement ( comparison to real airplanes)
  • 20Mhz RISC CPU (fast converting of test results)
  • Automatic nullification (sensor calibration)
  • Small, light, also fits into small models
  • German and English manual is available
  • Dynamic and static pressure interpretation for speed measurement

Futaba T18MZ, T18SG and Jeti EX user can benefit from the fact that they can get IAS speed information in paralell to the transmitter with voice output.
Note: This feature is only available with PowerBox System products Mercury SRS and Royal SRS.

Der PMSB-330 is compatible with the following PowerBox System products:

  • iGyro-SRS*
  • PowerBox Royal SRS*
  • Power Box Mercury SRS*

PMSB-330 Speed Sensor Spezificationen:
Input Voltage max.: 4,6-10Volt
Speed range: 25-330Km/h
Meas error: +- 5Km/h
Preasure detection: static and dynamic
Optical signalisation: Yes PB Bus tx
Connection: PowerBox GPS connector
PowerBox GPS Input port: Yes supported

Dimensions: B x L x T in mm 31 x 41 x 20
Weight: PMSB Sensor plus Pitot and tubbing 18gr.

Delivery: Pitot, Silicone tubbing aprox. 50cm and sensor electroncis (complete kit)

*All Trademarks in relation to iGyro based products belong to PowerBox Systems.

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